Thursday, May 31, 2007

They got this all wrapped up!

Okay, so what does this have to do with being a dad?

Well the owner of this truck is supposed to be moving on in life, leaving for another adventure. His friends didn't want him to leave, so they shrink-wrapped his truck in plastic, anchoring it to a tree.

Obviously, its not going to be so easy for the owner of the truck to leave; his truck is wrapped in plastic. But more than that, he will see how his moving on effects his friends, how much they wish they could keep him... how much they'll miss him.

Certainly they're glad for him, happy to see him happy and looking forward to the opportunity that awaits him.

It makes me wonder about the day that my kids will be moving on in life, leaving for another adventure. How will I react? Who will I take to baseball and basketball? Who will go to the dump with me? Who will come downstairs and give me a hug in the morning? Who will I take fishing?

Surely, I'm not going to want to see them go, but I will be happy to see them happy, looking forward to the opportunity awaiting them.. such a huge part of my life... how does a parent prepare? Maybe I should start stocking up on plastic wrap...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They're watching

How many times have we heard that we ought set an example, and not be an example? How often is that advise unheeded?

I know that it is hard, but when we have young impressionable people looking to and counting on us to teach them how to be adults, we really don't have the luxury of acting how we might feel.

We learn to socialize by watching how others socialize. We don't learn social skills by having heart to heart talks or by asking to 'do as I say, not as I do'.

What are we doing when our kids are watching? How can we expect them to do anything different when we're not watching?

Let's remember as we go about our days, our kids will copy us... We are mentoring our kids whether we want to or not.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Basketball Fever

I have been running a temperature lately. Each weekend since March, we've had a basketball tournament to go to. Its not so bad, I truly enjoy the opportunity to be with my wife and kids, but the excitement at the games is more than what I think I can take!

This weekend isn't unlike the others. Today we are packing up and heading south a few hours to the next game. We stay over at a hotel (has to have a pool for mom and the lil' brother!) bringing our cooler packed with food to save on dining out.

The dogs go to the vet who boards them for the weekend while we're out. They don't seem to mind the weekends overnight with their dog friends..

Oh well, I count myself as lucky. Lucky to be able to have this chance to chase around all over with and for my kids.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kids and Restaurants

Over at Be A Good Dad, there is a post about kids and restaurants. I commented that I remember as a kid going to the Howard Johnson’s for lunch and ice cream with my family each Sunday after church. What a FIASCO! Looking back, its a wonder we didn’t get thrown out of the place! And mind you, it wasn’t just us kids misbehaving, Mom and Dad usually joined in the fun too!

The post at Be A Good Dad has some good ideas on keeping the kids occupied and entertained while waiting for their meal (but there aren't any suggestions about making sure mom and dad behave appropriately!)

Educating Kids for global competition

This post also appears on Money and Credit, another of my blogs... Because it is so important that we make sure our children have the same competitive advantages as do children in other countries, I think that this should also appear here on this blog.

Is the global competition for your paycheck a good or bad thing? Do you feel that this competition will work to drive up wages, or bring them down?

Whether or not it is a good or bad thing, the global competition for your paycheck is real.

How are we positioning ourselves to be marketable and competitive in the global workforce?

Visit Vince Cordic's Internet Marketing Tactics and read a post and be sure to watch the slide show about globalization in the 21st century; truly an eye opener.

Oh, and for more info., Be A Good Dad is hosting a carnival. Be sure to check it out!

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