Friday, December 28, 2007

Help Fathers be Dads

I recently came across this article on MSN Lifestyles and thought it appropriate for this blog. This article talks about how Fathers can become Dads by investing time and sharing their interests with their children.

Personally, there isn't another thing that I would rather do that be with my children; my family. So many guys seem to think that being with their children is babysitting, and 'womens' work. They don't know what they are missing, or maybe they do and their so self centered that they don't care...

Hopefully this article is passed on to those fathers who need a nudge (clue) on becoming a dad...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Growing Fast

I was surprised last night by my son's willingness to give me a hand with a delivery I needed to make. So, I asked him to give me a hand while going to the recycling center this morning. Again, a surprise!

To make it interesting for him, I let him jump in the truck and start it up. We hook a small trailer to it to carry the over-sized stuff. So, while the truck was warming, I asked him if he'd like to back it up to the trailer. He remarked that he didn't think that he could do that, but I told him that I had confidence and trust in him.

He took the bull by the horns, and backed it up almost as though he'd been doing it his whole life! Keep in mind, he'll soon be celebrating his twelfth birthday.

I share this because I once again have seen my son growing up before my eyes. How I wish I could slow things down a little bit! It seems that every time I look at him, his taller, wiser, closer to becoming a man....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last Day of Hunting Season

Where we live, the hunting season opens at the end of September and runs through today. Now that it's out of my system, I can get back to posting! Yes, I've been out in the woods for the past three months and have found my say safely back home!

What does hunting have to do with being a dad? Plenty! If any of you are hunters, you'll know what I mean! Hunters learn a lot about nature, life, and themselves.

One thing that is taught in the outdoors is patience. You learn to sit quietly and observe. You learn to accept and work within the environment that your subjected to. You learn to prepare. You learn perseverance. You learn respect.

If you are a hunter, please share your thoughts with us! BTW, small game season ends in February, and Turkey season is right around the corner. See you out there!