Sunday, August 26, 2007

Georgia's Baggy Pants Ban

Have you heard about the amendment sponsored by councilman in the State of Georgia that would ban baggy pants? This past week there was an interview on TV with this guy...

As I was watching, I couldn't help but think of how this new fashion statement compares to when Elvis Presley became popular. Wasn't there this same kind of negative attitude towards youth and change then? Didn't the 'older' generation discourage kids from dancing a certain way and listening to rock and roll or even ban certain types of dancing and music altogether?

Wait, what country is this happening in? The land of the free? Apparently the land of the free needs more rules and regulations. With our freedom we all have choices. This means we must decide how to conduct ourselves. Maybe we have forgotten the level of responsibility that we must have to keep our freedom. This responsibility includes considering how the choices we make effect others and their freedom.

Consideration for others begins at home, as does self respect, social etiquette, and personal financial responsibility. When did we as a country stop teaching these things at home? When will we, as a country, start? Isn't this one of the responsibilities that come with our freedom? Will we ignore our responsibility and simply continue making laws that infringe on our freedoms? I hope not...

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